Wednesday, December 22, 2010


By the by, if anyone was interested in purchasing one of these most recent prints, or any others that I have created thus far, they could easily contact me at and we could arrange a reasonable price. Thanks!

As promised, screenprints!

This is an image of my final screenprint project, which both my prof and I were pretty happy with. The registration on this edition is pretty spot on throughout, thanks to a demo given by one of the print techs, Eric. Let's just say that registration pins are the best thing that ever happened to screenprinting.
This is the fourth print in my "Fatale" series, since I counted the first experimental edition I did. Deciding on colours took a while for this project, but in the end I wanted something offbeat, and without black line work.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Final Sculpture and Christmas Break

So it has been a little while. Shameful, really. I ought to update more, don't you think?
I certainly owe you an update.
It dawned on me a while ago that I hadn't posted photographs of my final sculpture for SCIN 2B19. So that's going up today. Also, my final screen print project failed to make the blog, so that must be rectified. What with it being Christmas break and everything, one would really assume I had no excuse for not posting. A simple explanation would be a lack of enthusiasm in my own work, which is quite distressing.
I believe this is due to a general lack of work produced over the past term that I was really happy with. I find it really unfortunately. So this break might be a time for recalibrating the grey matter and getting back into 'the zone' in which I can create artwork.
Sitting down in my girlfriend's studio the other day, not a single worthwhile idea passed through my brain, and a negative number of worthwhile drawings were created as a result (several sketchbook pages paid the terrible price). This is something I'm aiming to fix.

This is my final sculpture project. Unfortunately, this poor chap had to be torn down after it was finished.