Monday, September 2, 2013

Daily Drawings: Week 15

Yesterday, I returned to Toronto, moving into my new apartment and realizing exactly how little furniture I actually own. I need to address that problem at some point, as storing things all over my floor leaves something to be desired. Also I have no closet.

I was also busy painting a fence for my Dad before I headed back, which was a whole undertaking on its own. I've also managed to get a job in Toronto, so it's been a jam-packed week. I've managed to fit in a bit of drawing as well, so life's been pretty good.

The 'moving back' process is always accompanied by anxiety on my part, along with an adjustment period, so it'll still be a while before I have everything sorted out and am totally comfortable in the new setting. Anyways, here's some of the sketching that came out of this week!

This page is all material drawn from photographs taken while I was on vacation. Thanks, and I shall see you next week for another update.