Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been an interesting summer. I'm working at a summer theatre camp at present, which is more fun than I can possibly describe with any clarity, while also driving me a little off the deep end simultaneously. That being said, dramatic children running all over the place haven't been the only thing driving me nuts recently. I've been prepping work for an upcoming show at the Steamwhistle Gallery in downtown Toronto. The show is entitled "Down the Rabbit Hole" and will be running from August 1st until the 31st. Further details can be found at . I don't work in the same way I used to, I've food. This is all at once both good and bad. My practice has become, over them past year and a half, quite firmly rooted in materiality. This made something fantasy-esque a bit of a challenge for me. I recommend you come check out the show at the Steamwhistle, and then get back to me about everything. Cool. This little guy here is just a teaser. Come check out the show to see the whole series.
That's not all that has been on the go; my work has been on the walls of the Blue Dog Coffee Roasters in Brantford as well, which is also quite exciting! check it out if you can!