Friday, August 27, 2010

One nearly new painting!

Why yes, it has been a while. And as I prepare to move back into the big city of Toronto, I put off my packing in order to update my blog. Clearly, I am a winner. Anyways, this week has been a bit hectic, and hasn't really involved a lot of artwork. However, a couple of people have requested that I design tattoos for them, so I've been doing some rough work for those. There aren't any real finished pieces to show this week. So instead, I'll post this painting, which I finished a while back.

This was largely an experimental piece, done without any plan or goal in mind. The medium is primarily acrylic on canvas, but also involves a little bit of ink, collage, and crackle paste.
As I said, this was an experimental piece, and it was my first exposure to the wonder that is crackle paste. I wasn't happy with its performance on this canvas, although I believe that may simply be due to the ratio of crackle paste to paint it was mixed with. My second crackle paste experiment yielded much more satisfying results.

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