Friday, November 12, 2010


Lately I've been feeling incredibly frustrated with art school. Part of it has to do with my program, I'm sure; I feel a little constricted by the printmaking media, and it seems like I don't have enough room to run with my ideas as I'm spending too much time trying to work out how to go about actually making the prints. Also, two of my violin strings broke on Wednesday, which is great cause for sadness. I still haven't gone out to get new ones.
With respect to all things artistic, I'm currently in the process of planning out a few paintings, which I really hope I can get around to doing. I've started the process of preparing my next lithograph for printing. Today the first layer was drawn onto the stone and I did the first etch. I also did some screen printing today. That's what I'll be showing here.

This is a print of a photograph I took and photoshopped to turn it into a halftone. Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. Yo, that screen looks great Alex! Don't be frustrated. Talk to profs/manipulate classes to work in your favour. :)

  2. OMG that's amazing!!! :D And don't worry Alex, as time goes on I'm sure you'll be able to figure these things out quickly, no problemo. But you're doing great so far! :)