Friday, March 4, 2011

At long last

Yes, it's been a while. Yes, I am truly, deeply apologetic to you, my dedicated viewers and/or readers. I realize that you'd probably all be a lot more dedicated if I was more regular, and maybe a little more committed. It's shameful, I know. Well, never again will I leave you good people hanging for so long. I will do my utmost to post lovely updates with more regularity, and if I don't, you have my permission to spam me with messages calling me a lazy, no-good irresponsible blogger until I post you some lovely new art.
On the plus side, while I've been overlooking by regular blogging, I have been creating a whole bunch of stuff that resembles artwork in my various classes at the OCAD. Without further ado, I shall let the images speak for themselves. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The final version for the "Magician's Funeral" media studio project.

Skeletal drawing for anatomy class, 1 of 2.

This will, in the relatively near future, be getting cast in bronze! look for it here, people!

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