Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daily... Drawings.

Hello all,

In a wild combination of working full time, doing jobs for some clients, working at Open Studio, doing yoga, and maintaining a social life of some description, my poor blog has been taking a back seat in recent months. In fact, it may not even be in the station wagon. I think I left it behind, and should probably go back and fetch it.

I have been drawing, although it could hardly be called daily. I do, on a daily basis, crack open my sketchbook, but it is currently equal parts ideas, sketches, drawings, and writing. My brain is teeming with ideas, and I have just recently started working out of Open Studio at 401 Richmond, which has given me somewhere to create work. I'll be proofing a fairly simple plate this Wednesday.

Below is a fairly good example of what my sketchbooks are looking like at the moment. Mostly, a jumbled mess.

A shout out to my brother, Ian Thompson, who is taking the month of November to write a novel. Rock on.

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