Sunday, July 18, 2010


I dearly apologize for the long break in updates. I didn't feel like updating for a little while, and then my internet hasn't been working for the past week and a bit. So now I'm going to update! Hooray!

This is a painting i did just for fun. I feel like it's better suited to being two separate paintings, and I put a pencil line down the middle because I didn't feel the two halves really matched up. This was my first experiment painting with acrylics on wood, and I feel like next time I try this I need to sand down the wood a bit more before I go to town.

This here's a creepy bloody fox head floating out in the middle of nowhere. I'm not pleased with the way the background turned out; it's difficult to get an even dark grey with ink on a large surface while working around fangs and hairs. However, I do enjoy the head itself.


  1. Alex, may I inquire as to what the object is on the right side of the first painting? I quite like it.

  2. :D love them both! bring to house? :)

  3. yep, they can come =) haha. and the object is an exploding grain silo.