Saturday, June 26, 2010

Willow charcoal and all its friends

So today we've got another little willow charcoal experiment. This was a 15 minute sketch of some foxglove. I'm decently happy with it, but I find the willow charcoal smudges very easily, and doesn't stay on the support when it does smudge. The result is a piece that is covered in a significant amount of Helene Curtis Salon Selectives Sit Still (registered trademark, thank you mum for loaning the hair products).

This one here is just a little bit of fun.

These are some little ink turtles that I doodled the other day while watching Harry Potter. I asked my girlfriend what I ought to draw while I watched the movie, and she said painted turtles. And here they are. Personal fave is the one with its mouth open.

1 comment:

  1. <3 the flower is beautiful! I love foxgloves ...

    And the turtles - amazing! :D I'm torn between favorites though; it's a draw between the open-mouthed one that looks like its rawwring and the one that looks dead on its back lol ;)