Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art Show!

Earlier today saw the Annual Brantford Collegiate Institute Arts in the Square, which is a celebration of the arts programs which BCI has to offer. Music, dance, drama, and of course visual art, were all represented.
The event featured some skits, several musical acts, and a smattering of dance numbers, along with a dozen or so grade 12 students exhibiting a small collection of artwork from their high school careers. I had spoken to my high school art teacher previously, and she welcomed me to come and display some of my work, as a BCI Alumni. There wasn't a huge turnout, as well as the looming (and eventually realized) threat of downpour. Nonetheless, it was a good chance for some young artists to get a little bit of exposure. Sadly, I left the house in a rush and forgot my camera, so will be unable to share some of the works being displayed on this blog.
There were certainly some nice pieces of artwork. A particular standout for me was Dana Deming-Watson. I had the pleasure of having an art class in grade 11 with her, and had the chance to see her at work. She's terrifically creative, and excellent at rendering images cleanly and precisely. She's graduating BCI this year, and is off to study art. I look forward to seeing her future work, and you should all stay on the lookout for her, because her work is really quite awesome.
Eventually the show did get rained out (in fact, on my way home, I got drenched. Luckily my art survived the downpour unscathed), but it was definitely good while it lasted.
As I said, apologies for the lack of photographs from the event! There was definitely some quality work being shown.

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