Monday, June 21, 2010

Ah Monday Night...

A lovely night to post on one's blog, don't you think? So, lately I've been doing a little more watercolour work, and am experimenting with layering tons of colours over top of each other. I have to say, I've kind of been enjoying the results, and watercolours are creeping up on my list of 'mediums I don't completely despise' list. One thing that's taken a little free-fall on my list of 'mediums I don't completely despise' list is willow charcoal. It started out so nice. The first date, seemed cheerful, friendly, looked pretty good. The second date, however, wasn't so good. I'm getting an impression that there really isn't that much substance, and that it isn't nearly as heavy-handed as my previous charcoal. In all seriousness though, it really does disappear fast, and I find it more challenging to get heavy darks out of it, especially when trying to blend it (i.e. smudge. sorry smudge-haters). I miss my old charcoal =(. Tonights creation may surface in a later post, but tonight is reserved for some gnomes. Please enjoy.

So, here are the gnomes! In all there... stunted, flamingo-riding glory! Funny story about the rough pen sketches- they were done in the cab of a moving furniture delivery truck. I'm amazed they turned out as decently as they did!

So, keeping in the vein of doodles done in the truck, this one just entertained me. So I decided to post it. Makes sense, yeah?

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