Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So we're back in school now. Today was my first exposure to screen printing; I did a few test prints and then did a little set of six prints from a stencil I made. It has a definite Art Nouveau feel, which I enjoy. The drawing itself, posted here, didn't really take too long, but cutting it out took a good chunk of time, and required me to go out partway through to get new sharper blades for my knife to minimize tearing of the newsprint.

The drawing was done without photo references, and actually came out of my little brain; remarkable, I know, because sometimes it really seems like there's nothing up there. The image was drawn at an 8" x 10" size in pencil, drawn over in pen, and then carefully cut out. Some of the hairs changed a bit on the finished stencil, simply due to the fact that it was impossible to cut some of the incredibly fine bits without ripping the newsprint.

As an aside, it turns out newsprint is probably the best paper for stencils. Don't use Cougar. Do yourself a favour.


  1. without photo refs! envious! i wish i could draw realistic figures!!!
    I really enjoy this one - can't wait to see the finished prints!