Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas is nearly upon us!

With Christmas creeping up on us like some sort of sneaky, excitable elf with pointy shoes, I feel like it's time to post my Christmas card that I printed this year. It is a small edition of etchings, with an image size of approximately 5.25" by 3.25".
I also, within the past week, went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey not once, but twice. It is not a common occurrence for me to see a movie in theatres more than once (not least due to my restricted student budget) and I must say, my reviews are quite positive. While I realize you likely aren't reading this blog for my movie-critiquing opinions, I highly recommend seeing the film. It's a hefty beast, weighing in at about 3 and a quarter hours with previews, but it is about one and a half rabbit-sleigh-fulls worth of fun (you'll understand when you see it). It is significantly more cartoony than The Lord of the Rings was, and doesn't take itself overly seriously; there are plenty of light-hearted, humourous moments, befitting a fantastical adventure in search of lost treasure. The attention to detail is, on this second trip to Middle Earth, just as superb as it was in The Lord of the Rings. But I won't bore you any more with my opinions. Go see it yourself!

Have a happy holiday, and I'll likely see you again in the new year!

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