Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here is my commitment to more regular updates. Right here.

Grad Ex has come to a close, and with it my undergraduate degree. It's a peculiar feeling, being done. After a solid 17 years within the educational system, I am now free. Or at least, will be, as I don't yet have the diploma in my hand. Come June, however, the world is my oyster.

Grad Ex was an amazing experience, and gave me the opportunity to talk to a great number of interesting individuals with varying connections to the arts. Congratulations to my fellow medal winners, the work was fascinating and varied! It was truly an educational experience to top of the whole of my educational career (which isn't to say it's necessarily over, I won't preclude myself from the potential of graduate studies).

Attached is an image of my de-installed work, ready to leave the central hall. For images of the installed artwork, please refer to my website at

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