Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hello there, I am writing once again from the Blue Dog coffee house on Brant Avenue once more. My brother and I are going to be playing at the open mic night here in about 40 minutes. It's going to be pretty fun times. Although there is a surprising number of kiddies here this evening. Couldn't have called that one. Ah well.
In the art department, however. The new job is interfering a little with my artistic practice time, which is really unfortunate; I really need to get more art in. However, since last I returned, I have done around 9 little pieces, most of which are just experiments.
I will not be posting those today. I haven't documented them yet. Sorry about that!

This is a charcoal on newsprint drawing I did near the end of second semester. It's informed by the work of South African artist William Kentridge, done of an industrial site in Brantford. I really enjoyed doing it; there's something fun about working with something as smudgy as charcoal.

This is another charcoal piece. It was the first drawing we did for my Narratives, Series and Sequences class. It was observational of a skeleton. Again, fun to do. I seem to be on some sort of charcoal trip. I hope you enjoy!

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