Friday, October 1, 2010

Two new paintings

Hello there all, and happy October! Not only that, but it's a Friday night. What more could you ask for? Anyways, it's been a little while since I've posted up here, so I think it's high time that was remedied.
I have some fun stuff for you today. Some paintings, some print stages, and perhaps even some sculpture. Combined with a little rant. So it should be a good day.
First, paintings! These are two works that I finished within the first week of school. I'm reasonably happy with the results. They're kind of an extension of a painting I did during the summer, meant to show the natural world overcoming the man-made. They were quite fun to do. Started with an Unbleached Titanium base, taped off sections, and blocked out straight colours. Medium is acrylics, ink, and conté.

I've started running the second version of the Fatale prints. Unfortunately, the registration got a little messed up when i drew the ink across the screen for the second colour. I'm hoping I'll be able to fix that as much as possible in the final stages of working on the print. I also did another colour earlier today, but there aren't any photos of that yet.

I also have a touch of sculpture to show this week. This was a three hour study of a live model, done in clay.

And now, for those of you who are still with us, a small rant.
I will try to be brief.
I feel like artists should really respect each other. It can be challenging sometimes what with visual art being such an opinion-based field of study; however, simple differentiation of opinion should not permit an artist to downright bash another artist's work. I don't mean criticizing, as often that can be constructive when done with the proper degree of care and respect. I mean statements such as 'my piece is so much better than yours'. While you're free to enjoy your own work and be proud of what you've done, saying this really yields zero constructive advice for the artist who is the butt of the comment. This applies all the more if it is that artist's first experimentation working with a brand new medium.
Frankly, it will gain you no friends to talk like that to other artists, and help you to lose some instead. Instead, construct. Point out what you don't think is working in the image, what could be touched up, or elements you think are working and could be built on.
So just give your fellow artists the respect that they deserve, and you'll receive the same respect in turn.
Thanks for reading, sorry that this has been such a lengthy post! I hope to have new work going up within the next week.
Have a good one!

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