Friday, April 16, 2010

Ok, so seeing as how this is primarily an 'artistic' blog, or at least a place for me to show some of my work, a first post with absolutely no artwork seems pretty silly, doesn't it?

I guess you folks can see some stuff. But not new stuff.
You get new stuff later.

This is a little old doodle i did. I'm something of a fan of doodling, and a lot doodles were products of boredom during high school chemistry classes. Please don't go thinking I didn't like them or anything. I did. I just already knew what I was doing.

This little fellow is some ex-rodent that provided the basis for a little drawing session in my grade 12 art class. All things considered, it's a piece I don't really mind. It is, however, only slightly bigger than a postcard. I think I tend to work better on a smaller scale.

For our third and final image today I give you... a weird little acrylic painting that was part of the first project assigned in grade 12. It's straight acrylics and water on poster paper. Nothing fancy here. Again, this piece is probably a bit larger than a postcard. I hope you know how big a postcard is, because I'm too lazy to get a ruler and measure for myself. Getting fine lines when the thinnest brush you have is a nice, chunky, and heavily mangled school brush was fairly challenging. This piece probably took me about 2-4 hours. I don't remember.

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  1. Compliments from Brantford! Jordan Ella here! I loved your doodles. Always had a great time watching you draw and the finished product was always quality! Keep it up bud!