Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To Business!

No time to ramble today, folks. I have an exam that needs studying for! And yes, I did just use the word folks. I am so sorry.
The series of paintings for Colour Explorations based on 28 Days Later. I posted the rough work a couple of days ago. These are just acrylic on 10X30 canvases. They were pretty fun to do, and I did each one in about a day. I'm not decided on whether or not I'm happy with them yet.

This project entailed creating a hybrid creature from several other different animals. I went with a lion/bat/octopus/stork combination, and chose to depict it as if they were sketches in some sort of explorer's journal of things he'd seen on his journeys. It was done in pen and ink, and took a long time. I was happy with it, right up until my roommate had the same assignment a week later and the product came out looking a lot like the concept for mine. Ah well. Here's some of the rough work that led up to this.

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