Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On a break from job searching...

Still hunting for jobs. I really would like to find one soon, because I must say, this is a little disheartening. However, I've doing quite a lot of walking, so that's probably good for me, right? Also, I think I might enquire at a couple of local venues if I could show some of my art at them... we'll see if that gets me anywhere.
Today is a bit of a jump backward. I just documented a couple of older pieces I did near the end of grade 12, so today I think I'll post them. Right now. Here in this blog. Look at me go. There they are.

These three are part of a circus themed series that draws on Salvador Dali for inspiration. This was for the final project in grade 12, in which we were supposed to do a painting and a sculpture. Me being the bright one that I am, I decided to do three paintings and a sculpture... I spent a lot of extra out of class time on these. They are acrylic on canvas.

These are a couple more pieces from grade 12. The first is a drypoint intaglio print, and the second one is another acrylic painting with a monochromatic palette. I particularly enjoyed doing the print, it was a very interesting process. I've named my little gas-masked man Gregory. Not sure why, it just seems to work.

Ok, so this isn't art. It's just some pretty awesome veggies I made for dinner last night. I enjoyed them, anyways. Just thought I'd share that. Oh, and my dog bumped into the refrigerator last night. It was sad.

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