Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So it's been a while...

Sorry about the break in publication of this little blog. I've just moved back to Brantford this past weekend and our internet hasn't been cooperating. I'm currently sitting in the lovely Blue Dog Café sipping a tall cool glass of ice coffee and tapping into their wireless internet service. I've also been going from one end of the city to the other hunting for work, so I've been a bit on the busy side.
Today I think I'm going to try to post a lot of work from first semester, and hopefully soon I'll be able to post close to daily on what I'm currently working on. Without further ado, I give you some art stuff.

This is a project done for colour explorations. The images are relatively small, done in pen, gouache, and collage, and are examples of the seven colour contrasts. Originally, they were assembled in a book format (sort of) and they spell out the sentence "going about life like any other day." below is some of the rough work used to create them. Thanks to Alex Weatherbee and Emily Taylor for the use of their likenesses in the series.

These next couple of pieces are projects from my drawing class in first semester, taught by Fiona Smyth. Remember the Milk ad with the mummy? Yeah, that's her work.

These three images are digital prints done in photoshop, experimenting with different colour schemes. The building is the Massey Ferguson warehouse in Brantford, Ontario, and thanks to Jess Robertson for appearing in the photo.

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  1. zomg, i got cred. :P baha just kidding. wicked blog you've got here good sir, and of course spectacular work as well.
    your pal,
    waffles the great